200 Treasures of the Australian Museum
in the Westpac Long Gallery

The Australian Museum is embarking on an ambitious journey to restore Australia’s first museum gallery, the iconic Long Gallery. The project is jointly funded by Westpac, the NSW Government and donors, and will see it re-open as the Westpac Long Gallery in 2017, celebrating the AM’s 190th and Westpac’s 200th anniversaries.

Featuring 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum, the Westpac Long Gallery will showcase invaluable treasures from our world-class collection, telling the stories of the region and the nation.


200 Treasures of the Australian Museum will be drawn from the AM’s outstanding collections with an emphasis on the objects, people and stories that have shaped our world. The exhibition is curated by Dr Peter Emmett, a leading curator with over 30 years experience working with major institutions around the world including the British Museum.

Captain James Cook’s voyages, astounding specimens and fossils of now-extinct animals, and contemporary artefacts from Indigenous Australia and the Pacific are just some of the extraordinary objects that will be featured in the permanent exhibition. Multi-platform digital content will accompany the exhibition including videos, podcasts and apps and education material bringing these incredible treasures and their stories to life and capture the imagination of a global audience of all ages.


You are invited to become part of history as a Treasures Circle donor by supporting one of the priceless objects in 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum. Your donation will support the display and conservation of a treasure selected by you. Contact Michel Zwecker, Development Manager, for more information on (02) 9320 6216 or email michel.zwecker@austmus.gov.au.

The First Ten Treasures

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